The Dad’s Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts

Gear Guide: Mother's Day Outdoor Gifts

Cody Keefer

This year is a little different for me. For the past thirty-one years I had to focus on just one “mama”. Now, my Wife has been welcomed into the world of motherhood and clearly my newborn daughter and I need to pick her out something special, right? If you’re anything like me and these holidays often sneak up on you I’ve come up with a quick-hit Dad’s guide to Mothers day gifts. Why not treat them to something nice for the countless amount of selfless acts they do.

The Bling:

Garmin: Venu 2S: You can’t go wrong with a Garmin product. If your Mother/Wife is similar to mine and extremely active, this is the perfect solution for a good price. If they are looking for a great everyday use, active lifestyle watch. The Venu 2S is it…Now, if you are looking to get into the extreme adventure features like, barometer, elevation etc. there is the Fenix 6S that will fit the bill if that is more her style.

The Accessories:

Leupold: BX-1 Mckenzie HD Binos: Taking from experience it’s often just about being along for the ride, being involved and spending that time together. If i’m being honest those are some of my best experiences. But, we have all had the “let me see, let me see” moments. Make sure they are well equipped and well prepared. Do yourself a favor to keep those moments rolling.

The Tools:

Buck: 4 Piece Kitchen Set: I actually got these for her a couple years ago for a different occasion and I still hear the thanks. Very well made, super sharp, and a staple in the kitchen. She uses them for everything! Also made in the USA. This is one of those “The gift that keeps on giving” situations when your wife likes to cook.

The Fashion:

Lacrosse Footware: Okay, there’s two styles for this one. My two picks for this cover casual strolls with Mama and baby through the city forest. And all in, let’s go chase some birds. In my opinion and based on reactions both are solid options. First, the Grange Chelsea’s. They have some everyday style to them but can still get dirty when needed. Second, Woman’s Alphaburly 800G. These are in action boots that withstand the elements. You can’t go wrong where we live with a little insulation to cover the weather situations. It did just snow here the other day…It’s May.

The Hydration:

Hydroflask: 32oz Bottle w/ straw Lid: This is one of my gift giving favorites. My wife always has water with her. Literally, everywhere. I think I have given her 4 of these so far, each one looks like it went ten rounds with Tyson and still makes the rotation. You have to go with the straw lid also. Don’t ask why, just make sure to get the straw lid.

Mammoth: 30oz Rover: Also have a few of these. They have great customization options if you or your child wants to add a little message or get personal with it.


There you have it. These are just a few of my personal selections to help show your appreciation. There are millions of other ways to enjoy the outdoors together without purchasing anything. The true meaning of Mother’s Day is to just spend some time showing the mamas in your life how much you appreciate them.