January 13, 2020
By Arron Bleise

Happy Monday everyone!!! Today’s podcast is Part 1 of the Bow Build series we’re doing with Cody and Jeremiah from Wild Arrow Archery. Cody and Jeremiah are two of the best bow technicians in the West. On Part 1 we discus the process you will go through to get fitted for a bow that’s best for you. We also hit on a verity of topics that are listed below. Enjoy!!!


Podcast Topics:

– Getting fit for a new bow

– How to figure out what your draw length is

– Figuring out of much weight you should pull back

– String Angle

– Why its bad to sky draw

– What is Axel to Axel?

– Why does Axel to Axel matter?

– Sacrificing weight and packability for accuracy

– How your string can effect your shot with guys who have beards


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