December 23, 2019
By Arron Bleise

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. On todays episode Jake Ehlinger of Habitat Solutions joins the podcast for the third time. The discussion is all about making your property better in the winter to benefit from it next fall. If anyone knows me I enjoy offseason habitat work almost as much as the hunting portion of the season. Jake is well known for what he does in the outdoor industry and it shows. I can actually speak from first hand experience because he helped me out with the 1 acre project and I’ve had nothing but great luck. So grab some paper and sharpen your pencil because the next hour has some really useful information in it.


Podcast Topics:

– What to look for when buying new land

– What to do in the winter to benefit fo the next deer season

– Getting in bedding areas in February

– Tracking buck tracks to figure out where they bed

– Finding where deer spend most of their time

– Making better cover

– Hinge Cutting

– Look for Cover

– Increase Cover

– The importance of woody browse for deer

– How can you get deer to bed where you want them to bed

– Making Autumn Olive bushes good bedding cover

– Networking trails through CRP

– Can you hinge cut Autumn Olive bushes

– What are some ways to create cover if you can’t hinge cut