September 03, 2019
By Arron Bleise

On todays episode I sit down with big buck killer Chuck Weldon from Missouri and boy did we cover a lot. We actually reordered a 3.5 hour long podcast that I’m breaking up into 3 parts because the content was so good. This 3 part series will be information overload so make sure you have a pad of paper and pen handy. I hope you enjoy.


Podcast topics:

– Hunting and Filming out of Box Blinds

– Banks Blinds

– Arron’s bone to pick with Chuck

– Passing a 155 inch 10pt at 30 yards

– Chasing a 200 inch deer

– Defining success year in and year out

– Taking the positives out of a let down

– How Arron screwed up a hunt last year in Michigan with a Decoy

– Using decoys from Michigan to Missouri, Kansas and Iowa

– How deer have reacted to decoys through our experiences

– Using Calls in the rut

– Self Filming

– Asking permission just to put trail cameras on a neighboring property