August 26, 2019
By Arron Bleise

On this weeks episode Arron sits down with fellow Michigander Tyler Bentley to talk about hunting Michigan and Missouri. Tyler talks about how he’s changed his Michigan farm this year to make it even better for late season. That isn’t even scratching the surface of the whole conversation so sit back, relax and enjoy.

Podcast Topics:

– The Rise Hunt

– Hunting Early season Beans in Missouri

– Relating to outdoor television

– Planting beans for late season food

– If you have 7 days to hunt all fall when are you hunting?

– What are you doing in August / September to gear up for hunting season

– If you could only hunt one whitetail state for ever what one would it be?

– Keeping the pressure low on your farm in the summer

– Why Tyler is considering not running trail cameras

– Leasing hunting ground without seeing it

– Tylers plans for the fall