May 06, 2019
By Arron Bleise

On this episode Arron is west bound and down to Kansas with Co – Workers Adam Raak and Keegan Zeimer. On their long trek across the midwest, they decide to record a podcast that takes you through a ton of different topics including learning woodsman ship at a young age, field dressing a deer for the first time, and what is bothering us the most about the hunting industry right now. This one is a little lengthy but worth a listen.

Thanks for your support. Enjoy!!!


Podcast topics:

– What our goal is every year

– How we define a success every year

– How the challenge of Whitetail hunting excites us

– If you had one week to hunt all season which one would it be?

– Getting young kids in the woods

– Learning woodsman ship at a young age

– Our first time field dressing a deer

– Our first Turkey hunting memory

– Best memory we’ve had filming / producing

– Typical bucks vs Non Typical

– What bothers us the most about the hunting industry