November 3, 2020
By Casey & AB

On this episode of HUMANIMAL, Casey and AB give an update from Ohio based on real time insight from the field. After that, the guys jump on a call with Aaron Ambur – from ScentLok Technologies and OZ Ozone Generators – they shoot the bull about what’s happening with the rut for Aaron where he’s hunting in Kansas, and they also dive into a little bit of the process behind proper scent management – honing in on one of OZ’s most innovative products to date – the NFuse Ozone Sprayer. Lastly, the guys get a fresh perspective on the latest from the whitetail woods in Illinois from Curt Geier – host of Working Class Bowhunter – Curt also gives some insight into his recent tactics for knocking down two awesome Illinois bucks – all in all a lot of insight to be had in this episode!