April 22nd, 2021

What’s going dahn Yinz!!! Today’s episode we’re coming to you from Illinois with a special guest Wildlife Biologist Jason Snavely from Drop – Tine Seed Co. The goal of this trip to Illinois is to walk the farm with Jason to figure out what the heck the plan is for this upcoming fall when in it comes to food. We’re taking a unique approach when it comes to food on this farm so you’ll have to listen closely to figure out what we’re talking about. Enjoy!!!



Jason’s Background – 5:50

How Drop – Tine Seed Co Got Started – 15:00

The Foundation Of Fooplots – 23:40

Jason’s Thoughts on Our New Farm – 31:42

Researching Soil Health – 50:56

Products That Drop – Tine Offers – 53:00

The Most Bizarre Buck Bedding area in the country – 1:14:18