The Importance of Getting Water to Your Herd

The Herd: Water Solutions

Arron Bleise

Everyone knows water is crucial for animals when it comes to surviving in the wild. In the summer months deer require roughly 96 ounces of water per day. To put that into perspective that’s almost 5 Yeti tumblers. So, water is pretty critical.

Let’s go back to the beginning and my current situation. Each year we as whitetail hunters / managers rack our brains on how we can improve our spots. Well, I’m no different In my case with the 1 acre farm. Here’s a couple tips on what I like to do while solving for water.

1. Check Aerials and Surrounding Area:

I start with looking from an aerial perspective. I don’t only look at my farm however, I look at the square mile surrounding my farm and try to figure out what the area is lacking and what the deer need most. Once I identify what I am missing I try to figuring out what I can physically change and the first thing that I identify is usually water.

Deer need water and the square mile around me didn’t have any. So, that’s when I asked the questions, “what is the simplest way I can supply water?” and “how can I utilize the tools I have available to solve my problem”. I started with the Wild Water System from Banks. Hands down the easiest most efficient way I could provide the deer with what they needed while not disrupting their norm. Which leads me to check box number two.

2. Accessibility:

It needs to be refilled. So, my thought process was to put it in an area where it was easily accessible by me with an ATV/UTV and not shock the deer. For me, being in a high-pressure state like Michigan deer can get very spooky when you place new things into their world, it almost shocks them, and I’ve actually seen deer not return to that area for a while. So, I knew placement was going to be key. From the aerial and my access points to the property I chose to put it on the edge of a corn field where I knew deer yarded up together. I figured once a couple deer got used to the water system others would join…and it worked. It didn’t take long and every deer in the area seemed like they were using it. I even thought I was attracting new deer to the area just due to the sheer number of trail cam pics of multiple deer in the same picture that I was getting.


Long story short, water is crucial to your herd. Any way you can get a water source to your area and solve the problem it can reap huge benefits. If your goals are to attract more deer, this could be a good solution. If you’re looking to make your herd healthier, this is a great solution. Either way a water source is a win win for whitetail hunters and managers.

Products Used:
  • Wild Water Trough: 100 gal.
  • Wild Water Bladder : No matter what type of watering hole/system you are using this product is a game changer for easily getting fresh water in and out of your setup. I highly recommend checking this out for any situation.