Food Plotting on a Budget

Creating a Barrier to Increase Daylight Movement

Arron Bleise

Lets just say I’m the guy who squeaks when he walks… What I mean by that is, I’m cheap. When I go into a project it doesn’t matter what it is. I research anyway possible to save a dollar. This project was no different. I went into this with a goal. That goal was to create a barrier for deer to feel safe in a food plot in daylight hours. Then I thought to myself how can I save money but still reach my goal. I borrowed a tractor and tiller. I didn’t take a soil test. I bought my nitrogen off a buddy that had leftovers from his plots so I could get a deal. Lastly we got a hot and ready for food because hot and ready’s are the best pizza for the price hands down. With all that being said you have to be precise with your process even though you’re trying to do this on a budget.  What I mean is, even though I’m not taking a soil test I’m planting this either while it’s raining or when I know it’s going to rain shortly after. Also I’m researching what the plant is that I’m growing needs to reach potential and in this case I needed full sunlight for 8 to 10 hours a day and I knew I would get that. So don’t just think you can plant seed in the ground anywhere and it gets to its full potential, do your homework.

Here is my recipe for creating a 13’ barrier to increase daylight movement for $77 dollars.

  • Tilled the ground twice
  • Planted the Seed
  • Ate The Hot & Ready
  • Raked seed in with Hard tined rake
  • Prayed for rain (Which we got the next morning a ¼ inch to be exact)
Dollars Spent:
  • Egyptian Wheat Seed – $49.99
  • 5LB Urea Nitrogen – $21.95
  • Little Caesars Hot and Ready – $6.00
Total: $77.94